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Indo-Aryan Languages and Sanskrit: Etymology and Roots of Indian Words

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Etymology of Sanskrit and Tamil (Are these words of Sanskrit Origin or of Tamil Origin?)

Indus Valley Civilization

Sanskrit in India Today

Etymology of Sanskrit and Tamil (Are these words of Sanskrit Origin or of Tamil Origin)

20011002 Origin of the Words Aryan and Dravidan (by Inia Pandian), TAMIL TRIBUNE, October 2001 (8 KB) (s, t)

Title is self-explanatory.

20020604 Origin of the Words Pandyan and Madurai (by Inia Pandian), TAMIL TRIBUNE, June 2002 (7 KB) (s, t)

Title is self-explanatory.

20031201 Origin of the Names Eelam and Sinhala (by Suesa), TAMIL TRIBUNE, December 2003 (5 KB) (s, t, te)

Etymology of the words Eelam and Sinhala.

20040202 Etymology: Tamil Words from the Root "su" (by Inia Pandian), TAMIL TRIBUNE, February 2004 (8 KB) (s, t)

Title is self-explanatory.

20040403 Etymology (Hindi, Sanskrit, Tamil): Tamil Origin of Hindi Word "Kisaan" (by Inia Pandian), TAMIL TRIBUNE, April 2004 (5 KB) (s, t)

Did the Hindi word kisaan come to Hindi from Tamil via Sanskrit?

19980802 Theivam (Deivam): Tamil or Sanskrit? (by Inia Pandian), TAMIL TRIBUNE, August 1998 (6 KB) (s, t)

Title is self-explanatory.

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Indus Valley Civilization

20030301 Significance of Fish Symbols in Indus Valley (Harappan) Inscriptions (by Inia Pandian), TAMIL TRIBUNE, March 2003 (7 KB) (s, t)

Are the fish symbols of Harappa related to the Tamil race now living in sourthern India and northern Sri Lanka?

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Sanskrit in India Today

20170101 Indian Government, Tamil Unicode and Devanagari Script (How the Indian Government "Down-Graded" Tamil Unicode?) (by Thanjai Nalankilli), TAMIL TRIBUNE, January 2017 (16 KB) (h, s, t)

Discussion on how Indian government "down-graded" Tamil Unicode by incorrectly treating Tamil script as a subset Devanagari, and how to avoid such incidents in the future.

20140501 Privatize or Shut down Akashvani and Doordharsan or ... (Indian Radio and Television) (by Thanjai Nalankilli), TAMIL TRIBUNE, May 2014 (10 KB) (i, s)

Examples of Hindi and Sanskrit propagation through broadcasting. Either allow both the Indian central government and the state governments to operate radio and television stations or allow neither to do so. That is the right thing to do in a multi-cultural, multi-lingual country.

20161201 Stop the Lies about Hindi and Sanskrit (India) (by Thanjai Nalankilli), TAMIL TRIBUNE, December 2016 (12 KB) (h, i, s)

Can the President, Prime Minister or ministers of India abuse their freedom of speech and spread lies and false information on matters of national significance? Can a citizen file a lawsuit in courts to stop them from spreading such lies?

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Page description: This page contains a collection of articles on Indo-Aryan languages, Sanskrit etymology and roots of Indian words. Indian Government and Sanskrit. Tamil and Indus Valley Civilization.

List of Articles on other subjects that may interest you

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