Freedom of speech in Indian constitution

Defense of India or Defense of Hindia?

K. Chezhian

TAMIL TRIBUNE, January 1999 (ID. 1999-01-03)
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Events of January-February 1965 when the people of Tamil Nadu rose up against Hindi imposition are well known. More than 60 unarmed civilians were shot and killed by Indian security forces. Many more were injured in the shootings. Even more were arrested and jailed. Even some editors who wrote or published articles against Hindi imposition were arrested and jailed for that. Is it a crime to write against Hindi imposition? Was not freedom of speech guaranteed by the constitution?

Indian government used a special law to imprison these editors and choke opposition to Hindi imposition. What was that law? That law was "Defense of India Rules"! This says volumes about the mentality of Hindi politicians. As far as these Hindi politicians are concerned "India is Hindia and any opposition to Hindi supremacy and Hindi imperialism is a threat to India (Hindia)". How else can one justify the use of "Defense of India Rules" to imprison those who opposed Hindi imposition?


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