Tamil Tribune - The First Issue

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Inia Pandian, Editor

TAMIL TRIBUNE, September 1997 (ID. 1997-09-9e)
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Vanakkam (Greetings). This is the very first issue of TAMIL TRIBUNE on the Internet. This is just the beginning. As we move and age, we will grow in size, breadth and style. Do not judge TAMIL TRIBUNE by this first issue alone. Like a baby, we are just learning to crawl; we will soon learn to walk, then run, and leap forward. Please stay with us and help us during these formative days. Your help is needed. This publication is for all of you. This is your publication, be an active member of the family. We know that there are many who want to share their views about Tamil culture, literature, heritage, politics, religion, and much more. Whether it is a long article or a short e-mail, we are eager to hear from you. We will try to publish all points of view. We will not shrink from publishing controversial or off-the-main-line views.

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome and always appreciated.

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