A List of Hindi Imposition Activities of the Indian Government in 2016 (Part D: October - December)

Thanjai Nalankilli

TAMIL TRIBUNE, December 2017 (ID. 2017-12-01)
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2016-1002A: Hindi Medium Teaching at Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs)

Medium of instruction at Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) is English since their inception over half-a-century ago. IITs will set up "special cells" to help Hindi-medium students understand the subjects better. IIT-Delhi will ensure that study material is put across in a way that students from Hindi-medium schools can understand the subject (translation of texts and special seminars would be offered). IIT-Roorkee is conducting extra classes where professors explain scientific concepts to Hindi students in chaste Hindi. (Hindustan Times; October 2, 2016)

What about non-Hindi students? Are they children of lesser mother tongues? Are their parents paying taxes? Then why tax monies are spent on Hindi students only? Click here for a more detailed discussion of this topic

2016-1004A: Why Waste Money Distributing Hindi Pamphlets to Non-Hindi people?

Indian government efforts to end open defecation (instead using toilets) has not succeeded in some states. One reason, in Madhya Pradesh for example, is that the information is distributed in Hindi where there are large numbers of non-Hindi Adivasis. (Scroll website; October 2016)

2016-1007A: Amazon India Asked to Use Kannada in its Operations

The giant American Internet commerce company has a subsidiary Amazon India, headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka State. State government's Kannada Development Authority (KDA) asked Amazon India to implement Kannada language rules (state laws/requirements on businesses using the state language Kannada). It is reported that Amazon is using only Hindi and English in customer service; refusing to sell books in Kannada on its e-book reader Kindle. KDA also asked Amazon for the number of Kannada-speaking employees in its workforce. Amazon told reporters that it is committed to Indian languages and it is already offering Kannada books and movies and is already planning Kannada customer service. (India Today; October 7, 2016, TheNewsMinute.com; October 7, 2016)

I hope that all state governments would be as vigilant as the Karnataka government in protecting peoples' right to do business in the state language.

2016-1027A: Hindi Takes Over Manipur University (a central university)

Manipur State government started and funded the Manipur University in 1980. Indian government took over the university promising better funding, and made it a central university in 2005. Slowly the Meithei language (local language) signboards were changed to Hindi signboards. Now, in 2016, very few Meithei signs and mostly Hindi signs all over the university. (FirstPost.com, October 27, 2016)

2016-1123A: Unconstitutional Use of Devanagari Numerals

The new Indian Rs. 2000 notes have numbers in both international and Devanagari numerals (The New Indian Express; November 23, 2016).

Indian constitution states: "The official language of the Union shall be Hindi in Devanagari script. The form of numerals to be used for the official purposes of the Union shall be the international form of Indian numerals." The so called international form of Indian numerals is "1, 2, 3, ..." and not the Devanagari numerals.

A private petition was filed in Madras High Court in Madurai against the use of Devanagari numerals. Indian government lawyer argued the Devanagari numerals were just a design component and not a language. (The New Indian Express; November 23, 2016) How low and how cunning will the Indian government go to promote Hindi language and the numerals it uses in violation of the Indian constitution? Should the Reserve Bank of India governor and the Indian finance minister be dismissed and asked to pay for reprinting costs? There should be a penalty for senior officials violating the constitution.

We want to point out that some Indian constituent Assembly members argued for using Devanagari script but lost. Now the Indian government is bringing through the backdoor what they lost in the Constitution Assembly.

2016-1123B: Indian Movie Festival or Hindi Movie Festival?

Delegates from South India complained at the at the 47th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) that IFFI is centered around the Hindi film industry. A delegate wondered why the newsletter distributed to delegates everyday is in Hindi and English only. Last year some non-Hindi delegates questioned why the opening acts of IFFI are always song and dance from Hindi films. (Times of India; November 23, 2016)

2016-1200A: Non-Hindi Opinions not Welcome

An advertisement in English published by Indian government in December 2016 says, "share your ideas and suggestions for Mann ki Baat". What is "Mann ki Baat"? How many non-Hindi people know it?

Language acts passed by Indian parliament says that Indian government should use both English and Hindi in non-Hindi states. This advertisement is a violation. You need to know Hindi to understand it. Hope that some lawyer would sue the Indian government to stop this indirect Hindi imposition.

It means nothing to those who do not know Hindi and they cannot provide suggestion to their government on a project funded by their taxes. May be Indian government should collect taxes from Hindi states only!

2016-1202A: Post Office Savings Account in English and Hindi Only

A couple went to Koilpatti post office in Tamil Nadu, opened a savings account and requested check book and ATM card. The assistant post master gave them an application to fill. The application form was in English and Hindi only. The couple knew neither English nor Hindi well enough to fill the form. The assistant post master would not help them.

Someone from a Hindi state several hundred miles away and fill out a post office form in his/her mother tongue in Tamil Nadu but a Tamil person cannot fill out the form in his/her mother tongue. Why are we taking this humiliation in our own homeland? Are we not paying taxes to the Indian government? Are we not paying for postal stamps?

2016-1213A: Medical Education in Hindi. What About Other Languages?

Medical Council of India (MCI) is inclined to permit MBBS in Hindi medium if books and journals are available in Hindi because students in Hindi states find it difficult to learn in English. Some non-Hindi states demanded that MBBS be offered in their languages too.

At the very same time Hindi MBBS is allowed, other language MBBS also be allowed simultaneously. Also if Indian government funds are provided to develop Hindi book and journals same amount of funds must be provided to other languages also (at least proportional to the taxes collected from the states). (Millennium Post.com; December 13, 2016)

2016-1213B: "Write to Us in English or Hindi Only" Says Prime Minister's Office (PMO)

Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) Party youth wing leader Akhil Chitre wrote a letter to Indian Prime Minister Modi in Marathi complaining that Marathi is not one of the languages available on some of Indian government computer applications. He received a reply back saying that his complaint has been closed “due to translation” (Hindustan Times; December 13, 2016).

In other words write to the prime minister in either Hindi or English or your letter or complaint will be thrown into waste paper basket? Why don't they have translators to translate letter from non-Hindi peoples? Indian government wants Hindi as an official language of the United Nations (UN) and even willing to pay the expenses of translating Hindi into other languages. Why not use that money instead to translate letters coming to the Prime Minister from Indian citizens into his mother tongue or whatever language he prefers?

2016-1230A: Hindi Officer at Indian Institute of Management

Do you know that Indian Institute of Management (IIM) at Indore has a Hindi Officer to promote the use of Hindi? It has. The institute held a Hindi Workshop on December 29, 2016 where Hindi grammar and how to use Hindi in management tasks were discussed. The Hindi Officer told students that it was their duty as citizens of India to work in our language. (Free Press Journal; December 30, 2016)

The Hindi Officer says, "work in our language". Hello, my language is Tamil. Please hold a Tamil Workshop and teach me how to accomplish management tasks in Tamil. Similarly Kannada Workshop, Bengali Workshop, etc. Hindi is not OUR language.


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