Stop the Lies about Hindi and Sanskrit (India)

(Hindi is not the National Language, Sanskrit is not the Mother of All Languages)

Thanjai Nalankilli

TAMIL TRIBUNE, December 20146(ID. 2016-12-01)
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1. Introduction
2. Hindi is India's National Language - False!
3. Sanskrit is the Mother of all Indian Languages - False!
4. Why these Lies about Hindi and Sanskrit are Harmful

1. Introduction

Can the President, Prime Minister or ministers of India abuse their freedom of speech and spread lies and false information on matters of national significance? Can a citizen file a lawsuit in courts to stop them from spreading such lies? We have no problem if they resign their positions in government and propagate whatever false information they choose.

We present below some false information that the President of India and also the Home Minister are propagating, thus degrading some regions of the country, and brainwashing the younger generation.. 

2. Hindi is India's National Language - False!

Speaking at the 2012 Hindi Day (Hindi Diwas), on September 14, 2012, Indian President Pranab Mukherjee said, "Hindi has been given the status of national language for work at the Centre" (Yahoo News and Asian New International (ANI); September 14, 2012). Vice President Hamid Ansari (on July 20, 2009) and speaker of parliament Meira Kumar (on August 13, 2010) have also referred to Hindi as India's national language in the upper and lower houses of the parliament.

This is absolutely false. Indian constitution says that Hindi is the official language; it does not say anywhere that it is the national language. In fact, Gujarat High Court clarified that Hindi is not India's national language (Times of India; January 25, 2010). The President, Vice President and the Speaker of Parliament should not propagate falsehood. It must be stopped, if necessary by court action. President, Vice President and the Speaker of Parliament should not be allowed to propagate falsehood under the cover of freedom speech. Let them resign their positions and then speak their lies.

If these politicians want to make Hindi as the national language of India, let them bring it in front of the Indian parliament and amend the constitution. May be the amendment will succeed and may be not. Let it be done legally. I wish some lawyer would petition the Supreme Court of India to stop the President, Vice President, ministers, speaker of parliament and Indian government officials from spreading false information. If the Supreme Court rules so, and these people continue to lie, that would be contempt of court and they may end up in jail.

3. Sanskrit is the Mother of all Indian Languages - False!

On September 14, 2014, India's Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that Sanskrit is the mother of all Indian languages (The Hindu; September 15, 2014). 

A July 2014 letter titled "Letter: Celebration of Sanskrit week  in the schools affiliated to CBSE", from the Ministry of Human Resources Development sent to all heads of CBSE affiliated schools said, "The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is committed towards the teaching and learning of Sanskrit -- 'the mother of all languages'".

There is no scientific evidence that Sanskrit is the mother of all languages or the mother of Indian languages. Yes, it is the mother of some Indian languages, but not all. Yet this falsehood is propagated not only by the Home Minister but also through schools.

It is, in fact, despicable that CBSE schools are used to infuse false information into the brains of school children.

4. Why these Lies about Hindi and Sanskrit are Harmful

People do believe these lies because they are uttered by the likes of the President, Vice President and other top leaders.

Hindi people think that Hindi is the national language and feel a sense of entitlement and arrogance. Some Hindi people coming to South India for jobs or tourist trips are genuinely surprised, annoyed and angry when local people would not communicate with them in their mother tongue Hindi. Some Hindi visitors complain, "Why don't they know our national language?" Local people are annoyed and angry at the Hindi visitors' arrogance.

Additionally, while Hindi children feel a sense of pride that their language is the national language, non-Hindi children feel that their mother tongue is second to Hindi. This is not good for the non-Hindi languages of India.

Now coming to Sanskrit, again, non-Hindi children, hearing the lie that Sanskrit is the mother of their language, feel a little inferior. Their pride in their language reduces at least a little. (Hindi is related to Sanskrit and uses the same Devanagiri script.)

Having said all this, whether these adverse effects happen or not, the falsehoods that Hindi is the national language of India and Sanskrit is the mother of all languages must end. Lawyers from non-Hindi regions should ask the courts to instruct the President, Vice President and other top leaders and also CBSE schools from spreading the falsehood degrading non-Hindi languages. If they continue to utter these lies even after court order, they should be punished for contempt of court, whatever exalted positions they hold in the Indian government.

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