A List of Hindi Imposition Activities of the Indian Government in 2015 (Part B: October - December)

Thanjai Nalankilli

TAMIL TRIBUNE, July 2016 (ID. 2016-07-01)
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RPF - Central Reserve Police Force
CSTT - Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology
MNS - Maharashtra Navnirman Sena
RTI - Right to Information
UAE - United Arab Emirates

2015-0928A: UAE, Hindi and Malayalam

United Arab Emirates (UAE) government has added Hindi as a language to communicate Government initiatives on social media (The National UAE; September 28, 2015). There are far more Malayalis than Hindi people in UAE and many do not know Hindi. Only reason UAE added Hindi (and not Malayalam) is because Indian government propagates the false information around the world that Hindi is the lingua franca of India. Had Malayalam speaking Kerala been a separate, independent country, UAE would have added Malayalam (and not Hindi). India's Hindi-supremacy policy are affecting non-Hindi people living abroad.


2015-1000A: Know Hindi or You are Fired

Terms and Conditions for Candidates Recruited to Various Railway Services says "Failure to pass the examination in Hindi of an approved standard within the period of probation shall involve liability to termination of services." It is in the Indian Railways website (October 2015). Actually this statement was there as way back as 2002. What is the need for someone working in a non-Hindi state? Instead the requirement should be knowledge of the state language. Now many out-of-state Indian government employees do not know the state language and it is a hardship to the local people.


2015-1005A: Infusion of Hindi and Sanskrit into Other Languages

Indian Government's Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology (CSTT) is trying to infuse Sanskrit and Hindi words into other Indian languages; in other words, pollute Indian languages with Sanskrit and Hindi words. CSTT website sats, "All educationists, linguists and scholars believe a technical term in all Indian languages must bear maximum uniformity so as to facilitate inter-lingual communication and exchange of scientific information in all areas of education, research and sciences. For this purpose Indian languages must have a common uniform similar corpus of terms for this purpose. Since the roots of technical terms in different states of the country are usually same, there are many terms which are similar. By identifying these terms the Commission publishes glossaries of pan Indian terms. Such glossaries are distributed free of cost to the users." (Seen at their website on October 5, 2015; we do not know how long it was there). 

What Indian Government's CSTT is trying to do is mix, infuse, pollute Sanskrit and Hindi words into other languages. Don't think that they are going to adopt a Tamil word for all-India use. No. It will be Sanskrit or Hindi. This is indirect Sanskrit-Hindi imposition.


2015-1013A: Central Police Constable Beats Man for not Answering in Hindi

A man in arrested in Chhattisgarh on suspicion of some crime was beaten by Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) for being unable to speak to them in Hindi (The Wire-News Web Site; October 13, 2015). Mark my words. Sooner than later, this will happen in some non-Hindi states too. Many CRPF constables and officers do not know the state language and many constables have no working knowledge of English either. They will one day beat up suspects for not answering them in Hindi and there would be no action against them from Government of India.


2015-1027A: Hindi in Mars

Union minister Jitendra Singh released a Hindi atlas on Mars Orbiter Mission. He said that Hindi could help spread awareness on space missions in the country. He added that using Hindi as a medium of instruction in scientific departments like space technology and atomic energy would provide the best of the young scientific minds in India an opportunity to contribute even if they did not know English language. He said that department of space and department of atomic energy publish periodicals and booklets in Hindi for popularizing various projects and programs. (International Business Times; October 27, 2015). As far as Indian government is concerned Indian people means Hindi speakers only; young Indian minds means young minds in Hindi States. How else can you explain the minister's statement? 


2015-1030A: Hindi in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) President Raj Thackeray said, "India is a rainbow of sub-nationalities and each state has its own cultural heritage, language and food habits. ... Those who come from other states to Mumbai to make a living should learn to respect Maharashtra's cultural practices, language and food habits." (Times of India; October 30, 2015) We agree. What irritates people of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and may be some other non-Hindi states is that migrants from Hindi belt not learning the state language and expecting local people to learn Hindi. They are assisted by the Indian government by providing Hindi in all railway operations, Indian government owned banks, post offices, radio and television in non-Hindi states.


2015-1101A: Agra Police in Tamil Nadu

Police officers from Agra came to Vellore Police Station inn Tamil Nadu to take custody of a suspect wanted in Agra. They brought with them orders written in Hindi. No one in the Vellore police station or the magistrate understood Hindi and refused to hand over the suspect. Agra police said that they would come back with English translations. (Times of India; November 1, 2015). It shows the arrogance of Hindi states. No police officer from Tamil Nadu would go to another state with orders in Tamil. In fact, no state government official from a non-Hindi state would go to another state with orders written in the state language. Only Hindi state officers have this arrogance that everyone should know Hindi.

Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Kamaraj told state government employees in the 1950s, "If you get any letter in Hindi, throw it in the waste paper basket". Once a former Chief Minister of Kerala got a letter from the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister in Hindi. He returned the Hindi letter with a note in English, "If I reply you in my mother tongue Malayalam, how would it be?" This arrogance that everybody in India knows Hindi or should know Hindi runs all the way from top Hindi politicians to illiterate Hindi speakers. I can excuse the illiterate Hindi speakers to their ignorance but what excuse do the well educated Hindi speakers have?


2015-1212A: Right to Information (RTI)

Indian government started the website www.rtionline.gov.in for people to file Right to Information (RTI) requests on line, It was in English only. GOI announced in 2015 that people will be able to file in Hindi also. No mention of other Indian languages. (Daily News and Analysis (DNA) website; December 12, 2015)


2015-1212B: Kendriya Vidyalayas and Hindi

Government of India said that it plans to set up at least one central school (Kendriya Vidyalaya) in each parliamentary constituency. (The Hindu; December 12, 2015).

This is further intrusion of the central government and taking away power from state governments in the education area and negative devolution of power. When these schools were established decades ago, Indian government said that they were for the benefit of children of central government employees. Now it is admitting others too. These schools teach compulsory Hindi and many of them do not teach state language and state government cannot require them to teach state language.


2015-1226A: Hindi Milestones at Karnataka Highways

Indian government converted the Bengaluru-Mysuru state highway (Bangalore-Mysore Highway) to a national highway in 2014. It replaced the Kannada-English milestones with Hindi-English milestones in December 2015. (The New Indian Express; December 26, 2015).

A similar thing happened in Tamil Nadu in 2003 (The Hindu Newspaper; March 6, 2003). After protests from Tamilnadu politicians and people, Tamil was put back in milestones. Why do we have to protest, demonstrate, plead and beg to have our basic right to have our language in highways, railways, banks, etc? Instead of demonstrating and pleading everytime Hindi politicians of the Indian government sneeze, we should once and for ever demand that all Indian government transactions should be in the state language and English.

Some Kannada activists, belonging to the group Samanya Kannadiga, changed Hindi to Kannada in some milestones (The Newsminute.com; January 11, 2016). This is reminiscent of large scale tarring of Hindi signs in post offices and railway stations in Tamil Nadu during the 1950s. In some cities almost every Hindi sign was blackened with tar. Of course, the Indian government painted the Hindi back.

Thanjai Nalangkilli


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