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Hindi-Tamil Hypocrisy of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)

Inia Pandian

TAMIL TRIBUNE, October 2015 (ID. 2015-10-01)
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1. National Handloom Day Speech

2. The Two Faces of Prime Minister Modi (Teachers Day Celerbration)

3. Examples of Removing Tamil from Indian Government Offices in Tamil Nadu

4. Continuing the Policy of the Previous Governments in Keeping Out Tamil from Indian Government Offices in Tamil Nadu

5. Final Words

[Although this article discusses Prime Minister Narendra Modi's hypocrisy on Hindi-Tamil, other Indian prime ministers and Hindi politicians, from across the political parties, have also displayed such hypocrisy on the language issue. Some names are provided later in the article.]

1. National Handloom Day Speech

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who belongs to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), visited Tamil Nadu State in August 2015. He started his speech at the launch of the National Handloom Day with with a couple of sentences in Tamil (obviously written by someone else). The crowd applauded (The Hindu; August 8, 2015) as if he did something great for Tamil language. If only the crowd knew of the full exttent of what his Indian government is doing to keep Tamil language out of Indian government offices. activities and operations in Tamil Nadu, they might have booed him.

2. The Two Faces of Prime Minister Modi (Teachers Day Celerbration)

Prime Minister Modi spoke to students all over India on 2015 Teachers Day via a telecast available to all schools. He spoke in Hindi with no translation to state languages or even English. Most students in Tamil Nadu did not understand the Hindi speech. Some schools did not even bother to turn on the television because the speech was in Hindi (Times of India; September 5, 2015). Narendra Modi also had a televised interaction with a few students selected by his office on the Teachers Day. This was also telecast to all schools across India. K. Visalini from Tamilnadu asked him a question in English and he answered her in Hindi (although he can and had talked in English many times) with no English or other non-Hindi translation. (Deccan Chronicle; September 6. 2015) Mr. Modi's actions during these Teachers Day events show his true colours as a Hindi supremacist. His fake respect for Tamil at the National Handloom Day just the previous month does not fool most Tamil people.

3. Examples of Removing Tamil from Indian Government Offices in Tamil Nadu

State Bank of India deposit slips in Tamil Nadu were in English and Tamil before Mr. Modi became the Prime Minister of India. After he became the prime minister, it was changed to English and Hindi. Mr. Modi, don't pretend to respect Tamil by speaking a few sentences in Tamil when you are here, put back Tamil in bank deposit slips. Do you know how many people of Tamilnadu have to seek help from a third person to fill out these slips because they know only Tamil? Or, are you in some fantasy land where everyone knows Hindi or English? Something atrocious is happening after Mr. Narendra Modi became Prime Minister. Indian government is putting up boards and banners here and there in Tamil Nadu where complete Hindi sentences are written in Tamil script (letters). This is an insult to Tamil language and Tamil people. This is polluting Tamil with Hindi. This is like creating a mixed-breed language of Tamindi. Mr. Modi, remove these boards and banners immediately. You are spitting on the faces of Tamil people with these banners and boards.

4. Continuing the Policy of the Previous Governments in Keeping Out Tamil from Indian Government Offices in Tamil Nadu

To be fair to Prime Minister Modi, he was not the first to keep out Tamil from Indian government offices in Tamil Nadu. Previous Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) governments had also used only English and Hindi instructions, tickets, warnings, etc. in Tamil Nadu. Here are a few examples (not a complete list). No Tamil in most Indian government run bank Automatic Teller Machines (ATM). No Tamil in most computer generated railway tickets (train tickets). No Tamil warnings in cooking gas cylinders. No Tamil in most railway reservation lists posted in Tamilnadu train stations. No Tamil on instruction boards put in trains running within Tamil Nadu. 

Prime Minister Modi, first put back Tamil your government removed from Indian government offices. Then reverse what the previous governments did and give Tamil its due place in Indian government offices within Tamil Nadu Then, Mr. Modi, the entire Tamil Nadu will applaud you.

5. Final Words

Prime Minister Modi is not the first north Indian politician to say a few sentences while speaking in Tamil Nadu, then go back to his/her office in New Delhi and continue to ignore Tamil and impose Hindi. Such politicians include President Pratibha Patil, Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, Prime Minister Vajpayee, Home Minister Advani and Railways Minister Laloo Prasad Yadav [Reference 1].

See Photo 220: Bank deposit slip-2014 and 2015

See Photo 273 and 277: Hindi sentence written in Tamil script (letters)

See Photo 186: Debit card instructions

See Photo 125: Train tickets

See Photo 146: Cooking gas cylinder warning

See Photo 208: Train reservation list

See Photo 250: Hindi-English board in train

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EDITORIAL: Say a Word in Tamil and Listen to the Thunderous Applause from the Crowd (by Inia Pandian), TAMIL TRIBUNE, August 1999 (14 KB)


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