Hindi Division in the Ministry of External Affairs, India (Foreign Policy)

Thanjai Nalankilli

TAMIL TRIBUNE, June 2015 (ID. 2015-06-01)
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[Executive Summary: Hindi Division in the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) under a joint secretary-rank IFS officer. Why? You cannot communicate with any country in Hindi but you can conduct diplomatic affairs with any country in English.]

[Note: Text within square parentheses [] are author's comments.]

According to The New Indian Express (January 27, 2015), Indian government opened a Hindi Division in the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and increased its importance by appointing a joint secretary-rank IFS officer to head it. (IFS - Indian Foreign Service). [Our Comment: This serves no practical purpose or fills any functional need of the ministry. No other country uses Hindi for diplomatic communications and, in fact, you can have diplomatic communications with  any country in the world in English.]

This new Hindi Division will, among other things, manage the World Hindi Conference later in 2015. [Our Comment: Indian government does not manage World Kannada Conference or World Tamil Conference or World Marathi Conference or World Malayalam Conference or World Telugu Conference or World any-other-language Conference. Then why spend taxpayer monies to glorify Hindi?]

Again, according to The New Indian Express there are efforts to increase the use of Hindi in internal communications within the ministry. [Our Comment: Why? What is the purpose other than inconveniencing non-Hindi officers and giving a competitive advantage to Hindi officers? Indian External Affairs Ministry is better served if the officers study the countries they deal with rather than put the extra effort to write internal communications in Hindi.]

The following news is also relevant in this context: Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) started using Hindi and English in their official correspondences (Hindustan Times; June 16, 2014) [Our Comment: Including Hindi translation to an English letter to any country in the world does not make sense. All countries, whether Russia or Japan or Somalia or Germany or any other country in the world, have English knowing staff in their foreign affairs departments and a Hindi translation is unnecessary and a waste of taxpayer money. Only thing that it does is that it massages to egos of some Hindi people.]

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