Tamil at a Myanmar Hindu Saivaite Temple for Lord Sivan (Burma)

K. Pitchai

TAMIL TRIBUNE, May 2012 (ID. 2012-05-02)
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Purity of Tamil is butchered in Tamil Nadu. Most people talk and write in Tamil with so many English words mixed in it.  It is a massacre in television shows. It seems as if every other word used in many popular Tamil shows are English, particularly in talent contest shows. Both the competitors and introducers mix so many English words, that I feel offended.

I noticed on personal websites and blogs that while many Tamil Nadu Tamils have no hesitation in mixing English with Tamil freely, Eelam Tamils are much more reserved in mixing English and their Tamil is far more "purer". Within this context, I recently came across a 13 minute video on the youtube website. This is an interview given by a Temple Committee member of a Myanmar Hindu Temple for Lord Sivan. I did not hear a single English word in the entire interview (may be there are a couple I missed). Listening to this interview, it felt like a cool breeze flowing around me. It was a pleasure listening to it. Here is the link to that interview.
Myanmar Hindu Temple for Lord Sivan - Interview (Youtube video)

Sivan is sometimes spelled as Siva and Shiva.


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