Indian Government Language Policy: Destroy all Languages Except Hindi

Thanjai Nalankilli

TAMIL TRIBUNE, March 2012 (ID. 2012-03-01); Updated 2014-07-01
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1. Introduction

2. Use Kannada at Home, Use Rajabhasha Hindi in Office

3. Think, Speak and Write in Rajbhasha Hindi in Tamil Nadu

4. More Indian Government Actions

1. Introduction

Indian government's language policy is not just to impose Hindi as official language all over India but also little by little destroy all other Indian languages as useful languages. Once the other languages are rendered useless for business and governmental affairs, Hindi would reign as the sole useful, fully alive language in India. Here are two blatant examples of how the Indian government is trying to make other languages useless.

2. Use Kannada at Home, Use Rajbhasha Hindi in Office

A Parliamentary Sub-Committee Meeting was held in Mysore (Karnataka State) on July 5, 2008 to review the “implementation” of Hindi as per the official language policy. There was a large board written in Kannada. It says, "Maneya Vyavahara Kannadadalli, Karyalayada Vyavahara Raajabhasheyalli". It means, "Use Kannada at home, use Rajabhasha in office". They are referring to Hindi as the Rajabhasha.

If you use a language only at home and nowhere else, be it government offices or private offices, the language would simply become useless and wither away. We have seen it happen. Large number of Tamils live in countries like Mauritius and South Africa; settled there about couple of centuries ago. Tamil is seldom used in offices or businesses because they are a relatively small minority there and are "recent" settlers. What happened? Very few Tamils know the language; neither do they talk Tamil even at home. This virtual demise of Tamil happened in just a few generations. Indian government is encouraging people to use Hindi (and not Kannada) outside of the home right in the Kannada homeland Karnataka. With no use outside of the home in offices, stores and markets, people would not study Kannada in schools. Kannada would become a useless language, mostly forgotten, in its own land in a few generations. That is what the Indian government wants. 

3. Think, Speak and Write in Rajabasha Hindi in Tamil Nadu

Indian government installed a sign at the Chennai Airport (Tamil Nadu). The sign is in Tamil, Hindi and English. In English it reads, "We feel happy when you speak in Hindi. Think, speak and write in Rajabasha Hindi". Even in the Tamil version, it uses the Hindi word "Rajabasha" instead of the widely used Tamil phrase "aatchi mozi". In English also the word "Rajbasha" is used instead of the English words "official language".

A Sign Board at Chennai Airport (2012)

So the Indian government is urging people to ignore Tamil and think, speak and write in Hindi. A sure attempt to destroy Tamil in its own land and enthrone Hindi. What will happen if people of Tamilnadu think, speak and write in Hindi? Tamil will die. That is what the Indian government wants. Our own tax monies are used for the destruction of our language.

4. More Indian Government Actions

There are more ways in which Indian government is attempting to make Tamil useless even in Tamilnadu (the same happens in other non-Hindi states also). 

  1. Telegrams used to be a popular means of sending messages to friends and family quickly. In 2005, Indian government closed down Tamil telegraph facilities in all or most of the telegraph centers in Tamil Nadu (while Hindi and English telegrams could be sent from any telegraph center in Tamilnadu). E-mails virtually took over telegrams, and in 2012, telegraph service was shut down in all languages.
  2. Although postal money order forms are to be printed in Tamil, we often see shortages of Tamil forms but never a shortage of Hindi forms. 
  3. It used to be that destination name used to be printed in Tamil, English and Hindi in rail tickets sold in Tamil Nadu. All of a sudden Tamil disappeared and tickets were printed in only English and Tamil in some tickets sold in Tamil Nadu.
  4. Indian government refuses to make Tamil announcements in air flights leaving from or arriving to Tamil Nadu, even in flights between cities within Tamil Nadu. (If Singapore Airlines can make flight announcements in Tamil, why can't Air India? Singapore Airlines even provides menus in Tamil and screens Tamil movies in some flights.)
  5. Indian government demands that all drug labels (pharmacy labels) be printed in English and Hindi throughout India but no local language (except Hindi) in the labels.
  6. Tamil cannot be used in the Madras High Court (Tamil Nadu) but Hindi is allowed in the high courts of Hindi states.
  7. Many Indian government employment examinations and entrance examinations to educational institutions under the Indian central government are in Hindi and English only
  8. Language of most ATM machines in banks within Tamil Nadu is English and Hindi only.

After making Tamil useless in key Indian government sectors thus, now the Indian government is urging the Tamil public to think, speak and write in Hindi. The unwritten message is, "do not think or speak or write in your mother tongue Tamil".)

In summary, Indian government is making every effort to make Tamil useless to Tamils. Will Tamil survive in Tamil Nadu as a vibrant, live, useful language if Tamil Nadu continues under Hindi-dominated Indian rule? Is an independent Tamil Nadu the only way to protect Tamil?

(Alternate spellings: Rajabhasha - Rajbasha, Rajabasha, aatchi mozi - aadchi mozhi)


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Thanjai Nalangkilli

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