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Anguish over Hindi Linguistic Racism and Domination of Non-Hindi Peoples of India: A Telugu Perspective


TAMIL TRIBUNE, March 2011 (ID. 2011-03-01)
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Hindian: People whose mother tongue is Hindi (similar to Tamil speakers are sometimes referred as Tamilans or Tamilians).

Unity can happen only when we are all treated equal. Hindi language is not our enemy but Hindians use it to dominate non-Hindians.

Hindians have robbed us of our self-respect. Many examinations for Indian government jobs are held in English and Hindi only. Biharis have taken jobs in many Indian government organizations like railways and thus there is strong anti-Bihari sentiment in many states. I believe that Telugus should get preference in jobs in Andhra Pradesh, Kannadigas in Karnataka, Punjabis in Punjab, Malayalis in Kerala, Tamils in Tamil Nadu, etc. 

Why does the Indian government ask us to learn Hindi? Mother India does not mean non-Hindi peoples should succumb to the 40% Hindi people? People of non-Hindi states should speak up against Hindi excesses under the garb of the Indian constitution, violating principles of natural justice. Hindians expect that we, non-Hindians, should speak to them in Hindi in our own states. Who do they think they are? 

Hindi people tell us Hindi is the "uniter". They say speaking Hindi will make us Indians. If north Indian Hindians want, they can establish a Hindi belt territory, the Hindi land, and have all their business done there in Hindi. Trying to do a language invasion on us is unacceptable.

We want equal opportunity in jobs and educational organizations, irrespective of our language. We donít want to dominate anyone but we oppose Hindi dominance over non-Hindians. From the British now the baton has been taken over by Hindians. We need independence from Hindians.

Ask for your percentage of taxes collected from your state. Hindians donít get to decide what we should do. Let them develop their own states. Why do they dominate us in our own states? Why don't they learn our language when they come to work in our states? For jobs they need the crutch of Hindi because they cannot compete with English-knowing non-Hindians. Today English language is accepted worldwide.

Why do Hindians take our jobs in railways and other Indian government offices? If Hindian dominated constituent assembly passed a constitution, it does not mean it is Bhagvad Gita. Our lands and cultures predate the constitution. I am a Telugus first.


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