Thanks to Airtel with a Request (Tamil Nadu)

Inia Pandian

TAMIL TRIBUNE, June 2009 (ID. 2009-06-03)
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Airtel is a leading telecommunication service provider in India. It has a large number of customers in the state of Tamil Nadu also. Airtel launched a Tamil Voice Portal in December 2008. Users can dial 52222 from anywhere in Tamil Nadu to access "Airtel Ungal Choice" (Airtel Your Choice). You can hear couplets from the Tamil classic Thirukural also.

We are very happy and extremely pleased with these Tamil services and thank Airtel management. We have a request. Please do not mix English words with Tamil. "Airtel Ungal Choice" should be changed to "Airtel Ungal Viruppam". Viruppam is a commonly used word that every Tamil speaker understands. We are not blaming Airtel; we do understand that they see English being mixed with Tamil in many television programmes, movies and day-to-day speech, and followed suit. However they can take the high road and desist from that practice. It would please millions of Tamil lovers and add to its loyal customer base.

Before introducing Tamil in their Windows Operating System, Microsoft opened a website, listed a set of English commands and asked people to suggest equivalent Tamil commands. Many people suggested Tamil commands, more than one in many cases, and Windows chose what it considered the best-suited command. This is one way. Airtel and other companies may also contact institutions such as Tanjore Tamil University (Thanjavur Tamil University) and seek their assistance. We also suggest to the university authorities to open a department to help companies like Airtel and publicize availability of the services.

Again, we thank Airtel for introducing Tamil and wish them all success in their business.

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