Hindi in Tamil Nadu central government offices

Hindi Employees Outnumber Tamils in Tamil Nadu Central Government Office

T. Ganesan

TAMIL TRIBUNE, March 2009 (ID. 2009-03-02)
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Indian Government Income Tax Office in Chennai (located in Nungampaakam) has 200 middle level officers. 160 of those 200 are from Hindi-belt states. Is it that Hindi-belt candidates are brilliant accountants compared to others? No. The reason is that selection examinations for these positions were held in English and Hindi. When Hindi-belt employees have the advantage of writing the examinations in Hindi, others have to write in one of two alien languages: English or Hindi. How is it fair? 

After much pressure from Tamil Nadu politicians, especially Vaiko of Marumalarchi Drivida Munnetra Kazhagam (MDMK), some Government of India employment examinations are held in mother tongue also. But Hindi politicians who dominate and control the Indian parliament do not want to give up the advantages Hindi people enjoy and resist allowing mother tongue for many Indian Government examinations.


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2. Archived articles on Opposition to Hindi Imposition in India (OR Search the internet with the following key words: Hindi imposition India Thanjai Nalankilli )

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