Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC)

Hindi in Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC)

Neyveli Nedumaran

TAMIL TRIBUNE, July 2008 (ID. 2008-07-01)
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In March 2008, Managing Director of Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC) reported that 40% of the official communication in the corporation is carried out in Hindi and hoped to meet the target of 55% as set forth by the Indian Government. (Neyveli Lignite Corporation, located in Neyveli, Tamil Nadu, is an Indian Government undertaking and it has to perform certain stipulated percentage of work in Hindi.)

We ask those Tamilnadu politicians who claim that there is no Hindi imposition: "Is it not Hindi imposition?" Forty percent of communications are written in Hindi means, Neyveli Lignite Corporation employees are compelled to write those correspondence in Hindi whether they want to or not. I work at NLC and I was told by my supervisor that I MUST write certain letters in Hindi (Neyveli Nedumaran is an assumed name to protect my employment). I know that almost all non-Hindi employees, if given a choice between Hindi and English, would write everything in English. We are compelled to work in Hindi. Even after passing the required Hindi examination (as I was compelled to do to receive annual salary increments), it is not easy to write in Hindi.

It takes more time and effort for me and other non-Hindi employees to write in Hindi compared to employees whose mother tongue is Hindi. Yet we are expected to do the same amount of work as Hindi speakers and how much work we do matters when it comes to salaries and promotions. If still we (non-Hindi employees) advance in Indian government undertakings, it is a testament to our extra hard work compared to Hindi speakers. Why can't we all do the work in English? All of us here have learned English in schools and college whether from Hindi states or non-Hindi states. In this global economy English is something we need. What is the need for Hindi other than it helps Hindi speakers?

We put up with this language discrimination silently because we need the job to feed our familes. Is there any honourable politician left in Tamil Nadu to spearhead a movement to stop the forced use of Hindi in central government and public sector undertakings like Neyveli Lignite Corporation, Life Insurance Corporation, Indian Railways and Indian Government owned banks? 


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