Sril Lankan ethnic conflict between majority Sinhalese and minority Tamils

Senator Biden Solution for Sri Lanka

V. Subramanian

TAMIL TRIBUNE, December 2007 (ID. 2007-12-01)
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Senator Joseph R. Biden, Jr. of Delaware is a foreign policy expert in the Senate of the United States of America (USA). He chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He had been advocating the division of Iraq into three autonomous regions under a federal Iraqi government. The three autonomous regions would be the Shiite Region, the Sunni Region and the Kurdish Region. I do not know if Senator Biden had ever said anything about the Sril Lankan ethnic conflict between majority Sinhalese and minority Tamils, but his Iraqi solution could work in Sri Lanka if the Sinhala majority accepts in letter and spirit an autonomous Tamil Region (Tamil Eelam) within a federal Sri Lanka.

Here is a summary of what Senator Joe Biden said about Iraq on ABC Television Network's weekly Sunday morning show "This Week" on October 21, 2007.

"Either you allow one side to beat up the other, occupy the country with large number troops for years and keep the peace between warring parties, allow a dictator to rule and keep the peace or set up a federal system of government with three autonomous regions."

Let us hope that the international community would help end the current ethnic war in Sri Lanka through the last option the senator enunciated.

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