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If Europe were made a Single Country like India or Sri Lanka?


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I used to imagine, what would have happened if an Asian country conquered Europe, kingdom by kingdom, combined the kingdoms into a single administration and, before departing in the mid-20th century, granted independence to the whole of Europe as a single country. What do you think will happen upon independence? (We are discussing an artificially created single country of Europe like India or Sri Lanka, not a voluntary union like the European Union consisting of several sovereign countries.)

Let's say that the administrative capital is Berlin and German is declared the official language as it is the most common language spoken in Europe. Because German is the official language, it would be compulsory to learn German for government jobs. Will other language speakers accept it silently or revolt against it?

There will be no English or French or Spanish identity but they will all be called collectively Europeans in the same way we are called Indians or Sri Lankans. Actually English, French, Spanish and other Europeans are much similar compared to "Indians" or "Srilankans". They have similar culture, same language base and similar scripts. But even then, do you think an English would be proud to call himself European, or a French would feel happy when addressed by others as European, and not identify French as a race just because they don't have a country? Definitely not. In fact a civil war will breakout and most of the world would support the creation of independent countries for each nationality--French, Spanish, Greek, German, Italian, etc.


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