Doctor, Learn Hindi or You are Fired!

K. N. Nair

TAMIL TRIBUNE, August 2002 (ID.2002-08-02; Added an update in November 2015.

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I am from Kerala. Malayalam is my mother tongue. My sister is a medical doctor. She recently applied for a medical officer job with Government of India (central government job). Do you know that a condition for employment as a medical officer is: "A candidate will be required to pass the examination in Hindi of an approved standard within the period of probation and failure to do so shall involve liability to termination of service." I can understand it if her job is in a Hindi-speaking area or state. That is not the case.

Why should a doctor working in a non-Hindi state like Tamil Nadu has to pass an examination in Hindi or otherwise fired from the job? A reasonable and justifiable requirement should be that the doctor should learn the local language. For example, if a Malayali doctor works in West Bengal, she/he must be required to learn Bengali. If a Malayali doctor works in Kerala, she/he should know Malayalam. If a Malayali doctor works in Hindi-speaking Uttar Pradesh, she/he should learn Hindi. But the Indian government is dominated and controlled by Hindi politicians and so it requires a Malayali doctor to pass an examination in Hindi whether she works in Malayalam-speaking Kerala or Tamil-speaking Tamil Nadu or Bengali-speaking West Bengal or Kannada-speaking Karnataka. This is outrageous arrogance on the part of Hindi politicians. 

Indian government's Hindi imposition is irrational and is evoking resentment and anger in people like me.

[SUMMARY: Hindi imposition in Indian Government offices forces employees to learn Hindi.]

FEEDBACK: After reading this article I went to the Indian Railways website on October 5, 2015. In their page "Terms and Conditions for Candidates Recruited to Various Railway Services", it says, "Failure to pass the examination in Hindi of an approved standard within the period of probation shall involve liability totermination of services." The discriminatory Hindi imposition policy lives on!

Thanjai Nalankilli
October 8, 2015


Hindi Imposition and Independence for Tamil Nadu (by Thanjai Nalankilli), TAMIL TRIBUNE, December 1999.

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