"Even all the Tamil Members of Parliament cannot Stop Hindi Imposition"

T. M. Rajendran

TAMIL TRIBUNE, January 2002 (ID.2002-01-03)

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Hindians: People whose mother tongue is Hindi (similar to Tamil speakers are sometimes referred as Tamilans or Tamilians).

My uncle is a Coimbatore Institute of Technology alumna. He was a student there during the 1965 Tamil Nadu Students Anti-Hindi Imposition Agitation. He told me the following incidence.

Coimbatore Institute of Technology is an engineering college in Coimbatore (Kovai), Tamil Nadu, India. Its principal during 1965 was also a Member of Parliament (MP) belonging to the ruling party (Congress Party). During the peak of the agitation, as Coimbatore city was rocked with the agitation and student protesters were being shot and killed, he told the students to stay calm and peaceful. In an informal conversation with some students and faculty, he said something profound: "Even if all the members of parliament from Tamil Nadu were to vote against Hindi becoming the official language of India, it is not going to matter; we cannot stop Hindi."

Think about it. Even if all the elected representatives of Tamil Nadu (which is a distinct nation of over 60 million people; more than the population of over half the countries of the world) voted against Hindi becoming the official language of India, Hindi will still be forcibly imposed on this distinct nation of over 60 million people. If the unanimous voice of the entire Tamil nation of over 60 million people has no effect on an important issue as the official language policy, should Tamil Nadu still be part of India? Is an independent Tamil Nadu is the only way to end Hindi imposition? It seems so to me! (NOTE: This statement about independent Tamil Nadu is my point of view and not necessarily that of the principal, faculty, students, alumni or others associated with Coimbatore Institute of Technology.)

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