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India: South is South and North is North

Lalitha Krishnan Nair

TAMIL TRIBUNE, November 2001 (ID.2001-11-02)

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I presently live in the United States where my husband works. I usually watch the television show "Martha Stewart Living". It deals with cooking, household works, decorations, etc. One of the shows in late 2000 was about Indian dresses and Indian cooking. An Indian woman was the guest and guide. Whenever she talked of North Indian food, she almost always referred it as Indian food but whenever she talked of South Indian food, she almost always made it a point to refer it as South Indian food.

Also, if you go to any major city in the United States, you will find many "Indian Restaurants", most of them serving North Indian cuisine and may be a few serving South India cuisine. The former is seldom advertised as serving North Indian dishes but simply as serving Indian dishes while the latter invariably advertise as serving South Indian dishes.

The point I am making is that "India" has become synonymous with "North India" and South India is considered an appendage to the "real India" (that is North India or, more specifically, North-Central India). I am not blaming anyone for it because it is the history, it is the reality. South India has never been part of any of the North Indian empires of the Guptas or Moghuls or other northern dynasties (north-central dynasties). Only during the British rule, north and south were brought together for any amount of time into a single political entity. We should accept it. Instead of trying to build an artificial "Indian Union" under Hindian domination (North-Central domination) we should accept the reality and either set up a loose federal setup like Switzerland or break it into its natural constituencies such as Kerala (I am a Keralite), Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Punjab, Assam, Nagaland, Tripura, Mizoram, Gujarat, etc. 


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