Velupillai Prabaharan of LTTE, Sri Lanka

Where is Praying for Prabaharan a Crime?

Jaganathan Muralidharan

TAMIL TRIBUNE, March 2001 (ID.2001-03-03)

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Where is praying for Velupillai Prabaharan a crime? Is it in Sri Lanka where the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), which Prabaharan founded and leads, is fighting the Sri Lankan army for minority Tamil rights? No, to our knowledge no one was ever arrested there on charges of praying for Prabaharan.

It is in India! Praying for Prabaharan seems to be a crime in India. On November 25, 2000, Mr. Somasundaram was arrested for offering a prayer for Prabaharan on his birthday at the Muthalamman Temple in Tamil Nadu, India. Somasundaram is a member of Tamil National Movement (Thamizh Thesiya Iyakkam). In May 2000, Tamil National Movement leader Nedumaran and 250 people were arrested in Tamil Nadu for organizing a conference to tell the people of Tamil Nadu about LTTE's legitimate struggle in Sri Lanka. It seems that the Indian Government and its puppet Tamil Nadu State Government would not allow anyone to present LTTE's case not only to the people of Tamil Nadu but also to the gods themselves!

The Indian Government, controlled by Hindi politicians, has done everything it could to prevent LTTE from winning its armed struggle against the oppressive Sinhalese, Sri Lankan Government. In April-May 2000, the Indian Government placed a naval armada close to Jaffna to evacuate over 30,000 Sri Lankan soldiers almost encircled in Jaffna by LTTE and facing surrender. It also provided logistical support to the Sri Lankan Navy and Air Force covertly. The same year it sold a modern warship, complete with air capabilities, to the Sri Lankan Navy in an effort to weaken LTTE's naval might. It also gave Sri Lanka 100 million US dollars in soft loan to alleviate the expenses of the war against minority Tamil fighters (LTTE). All these were not enough, now it would not even allow people to pray for the Tamil leader lest the gods themselves help the long-suffering Tamil minority of Sri Lanka!

(NOTE: Sometimes the name Prabaharan is spelled as Pirabaharan. It is the same name.)

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