Murasu Anjal

Kudos to Murasu Anjal!

TAMIL TRIBUNE, May 2000 (ID.2000-05-e)

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Recently I downloaded and started using the free software "Murasu Anjal 2000". This software package contains some Tamil fonts to view websites using those fonts, as well as a Tamil word processor and a Tamil e-mail software. The developers could have sold it for a few hundred rupees and it would have been worth every rupee. But they choose to give it free with no strings attached. We applaud them for their service to mother Tamil.

This editorial is not really about their generosity. This is about the Tamil instructions for setting up and using the software. You can view the instructions in either Tamil or English. I chose the Tamil option. Instructions are written in pure Tamil without a single English or Sanskrit word. I purposively avoided the English instructions and I was able to set up and use the software easily from the Tamil instructions.

Some of the technical terms there were new to me. When we enter a new field such as computer technology, it is inevitable that we have to coin some new technical terms in Tamil. Murasu Anjal people have done it well. Though I have never seen some of these words before, I had no problem understanding their meaning on the basis of their root words and the context of the instructions. This is the sign of good technical-terms development. 

If the great Tamil scholars and pure Tamil proponents like Maraimalai Adigal, Devaneya Pavanar and Perunchiththiranar were alive today, they would have said, "Well done, Murasu Anjal!"

Inia Pandian, Editor


Anglicization of Internet Tamil (by Inia Pandian), TAMIL TRIBUNE, July 1999 (9 KB)

Sanskritization of Internet Tamil (by Inia Pandian), TAMIL TRIBUNE, June 1999 (11 KB)

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