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Archived Articles on Tamil Language, Tamil Nadu and Tamil Eelam

(over 300 articles in English)

Opposition to Hindi Imposition in India

One of the largest collection of articles on the subject.

Economic Discrimination of Tamil Nadu (and some other Southern and Western states) by Indian Government

Tamil Nadu Independence Movements

History of Tamilnadu independence movements (from 1939 to today), reasons behind the independence demand, is there popular public support in Tamil Nadu and more.

Independence Movements in India (Punjab, Assam, Nagaland,...)

Tamil Eelam and Sri Lanka (Tamil Eelam independence struggle: past, present and future)

Indian Actions that Affect Tamil Nadu
Pseudo-democracy (or Semi-democracy) in India, Hindi-North Centered Indian Policies, The Great North-South Divide, and more.

Tamil Nadu
Historical perspectives; Status of Tamil Nadu within India and devolution of power from Indian central government; Tamil Nadu fishermen killings in the sea.

Tamilnadu Politics

From hardnosed articles to light-nature articles like the life of a minister with two wives.

Tamil Language (Past, present and future. The language politics in India and Tamil Nadu. Is Tamil on the way to semi-extinction in Tamil Nadu?)

Tamil Etymology

Indian Government, Indo-Aryans and Sanskrit Language

Etymology as well as place of Sanskrit today (Sanskrit imperialism over India?)

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20181101 Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu Makes Illogical Statements on Hindi Imposition

Title is self-explanatory.

20181102 Hindi Migrants Must Learn the State Language (India's Language Issues)

Title is self-explanatory.

20181001 Indian Government and Hindi Speakers in Assam

Why is the Home Minister of India pressuring the Chief Minister of Assam to favourably consider the requests of Hindi speakers in the state? Why don't Hindi migrants learn the state language?

20181002 Hindi Supremacy in Kerala

Title is self-explanatory.

20181003 Indian People Means Just Hindi People to the Government and President of India! Is it India or Hindia?

"Indian people" means just "Hindi people" to the Indian government. Six examples. This has far reaching negative consequences to non-Hindi citizens.

20050801 Defense Service Entrance Examination in English and Hindi Only (India's Discriminatory Language Policy)

Indian Defense Minister's statement explaining why Hindi is introduced as examination language for the combined defense service entrance examination while other languages are ignored.

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